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About This Toolkit

This is one of many support guides from Lansing Community College Open Education. It is designed to supplement our main resource, the Self-Publishing Guide.

Welcome to Lansing Community College Open Education’s Accessibility Toolkit – 2nd Edition. This support resource was written for open textbook authors — and others involved in writing and publishing — to create a truly open and accessible textbook.

Open educational resources (OER) are defined as teaching, learning, and research resources that, through permissions granted by the copyright holder, allow others to use, distribute, keep, or make changes to them. We consider this publication — along with our guides, webinar slide decks, and other support materials –as a type of OER that trains faculty, staff, and students how to build, customize, and use open textbooks.

This guide does not come with an index. Instead, use the search field located in the top-right of each page in the online version to locate a specific topic.

If you find an error in this toolkit, please report it using the Report a Textbook Error form. For other feedback or comments, fill out the BCcampus contact form.


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