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Course Information and Policies

PFFT 100 Total Fitness and PFFT 109 Introduction to Fitness: Keys to Success

  • All students must complete a course orientation during the first week of the semester. The course orientation can be found on the course page in D2L, LCC’s course management system. Even if you have taken a fitness course before, you must complete the course orientation.
  • Students are responsible for checking D2L on a regular basis. All course information related to the section you are enrolled in can be found there. This includes assignments, due dates, grades and feedback, and other information.
  • If a student does not complete the course orientation with the corresponding quiz and one workout within the first week of the course, they will be administratively dropped for non-participation.
  • If you need technical assistance, contact the LCC Help Desk 517-483-5221. Technical assistance includes help with things like uploading/ downloading assignments and other activities related to D2L.
  • You MUST bring your Star Card anytime you visit any of the fitness centers on campus. You MUST check into the fitness center computer using your Star Card. You MUST also complete a workout card accurately during each visit and have the instructor on duty sign it.
  • You have a grading instructor who is responsible for your section of the course you are enrolled in. The grading instructor will be grading your work, updating the gradebook, and communicating to you about your progress in the course. There are also other instructors on duty in the fitness centers who are there to help you as well. Utilize them! Ask questions! Have them look at your exercise technique! Talk about workout design, nutrition basics, hydration, etc!
  • Plan to visit the fitness centers on a regular basis. You may want to visit more frequently early in the semester to get a solid start on earning your workout points. This prevents you from falling behind if a situation comes up later in the semester where you cannot earn as many workout points, ie. if you are sick. There is no make-up policy for workout points.

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