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by Mark D. Kelland, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Lansing Community College


CC-BY Creative Commons License

ISBN:  1495225925
ISBN-13:  978-1495225925



This book is dedicated to my children

Samuel & John




I would like to thank Donna Kelland for reading most of the chapters in this book, and for providing very helpful comments regarding both the content and the general approach used in the writing.  Her expertise in psychology proved helpful on numerous occasions.  I would also like to thank Chenika Martinez, Minister Danny Martinez, and Professor Isaac Addai for reviewing the appendix on African perspectives on personality.

Special thanks to Michele Sordi, without whom this project might never have started.

Most of the chapters in this book were reviewed by colleagues around the country.  This was done anonymously, while the book was under contract with another publisher.  Once I parted ways with my former publisher, I had no access to the names of those reviewers.  Though they shall remain anonymous, I hope they know how much I appreciate their input during the writing of this book.

Some of the images in this book are the property of the author, and he thanks the subjects in those photographs for giving permission to use images of them.

The photographs on the cover of this book are a collection of family photographs belonging to the author.

Dog wearing glasses and appearing to be working on a computer.

I would also like to thank Sunny, who was often
by my side while I was writing this book.


Multicultural Personality Theory Copyright © by Mark Kelland. All Rights Reserved.

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