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Tao of Positive Psychology: Personal Journal & Academic Treatise

by Mark D. Kelland, Ph.D.


CC-BY Creative Commons License

ISBN:  153349939X
ISBN-13:  978-1533499394



To the family of pronghorn antelope appearing on page 16.
I have always loved both ethology and pronghorn antelope, and
this family provided me with some wonderful photographs.
It was one of the highlights of my sabbatical leave.



I would like to thank the Sabbatical Leave Committee and the Board of Trustees at Lansing Community College (LCC) for approving this sabbatical, without which this project either would not have been undertaken or would have taken so long that it likely would never have been completed.

Regina Gong, a librarian at LCC and our open educational resource (OER) project manager, has been very helpful introducing me to the formal world of OERs. I thank her for involving me directly in LCC’s ongoing efforts to develop and adopt OERs here at our college.

Melissa Matteson graciously allowed me to use two of the images from her master’s thesis portfolio for the collage used on the cover of this book (which also pictures her with our family dog shortly after his arrival). She has provided numerous wonderful illustrations for me over the years.

I would also like to thank Mu Soeng, resident scholar at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies for an excellent class while I was there, and for then helping me to gain a better understanding of the Buddhist concept of happiness and joy. Neti, neti.


Tao of Positive Psychology: Personal Journal & Academic Treatise Copyright © by Mark Kelland. All Rights Reserved.

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