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Commercial Inland Marine

Nationwide marine definition

The property must include an element of transportation to be eligible for marine coverage


The definition lists six categories of eligible marine risks


Commercial inland marine conditions form

Inland marine coverage forms:

Will provide broad coverage on property moved off the insured premises to other locations, they will tend to have similar characteristics.

Categories of Marine Risks


Covered by ocean marine insurance


Covered by ocean marine insurance


Domestic shipments

Covered by commercial inland marine insurance


Instrumentalities of transportation or communication

Covered by commercial inland marine insurance


Personal property floaters

Covered by personal inland marine insurance


Commercial property floaters

Covered by commercial inland marine insurance


Types of Commercial Floaters

Accounts receivable

Coverage for businesses unable to collect outstanding customer balances due to damage of the records. May be written as stated limit or reporting form policy

Bailee’s customer

A business who has temporary possession of the property that belongs to another. Covers direct damage without regard to legal liability for goods temporarily in care, custody, and control of insured. Examples: dry cleaners, tailors, television repair

Commercial articles

Covers interests of the owner of commercial cameras, musical instruments, and related equipment


Contractor’s equipment floater

Covers contractors’ small and large tools, machinery, and equipment (mobile property)


Electronic data processing

Covers electronic equipment, including data and media


Equipment dealers

Coverage for dealers of mobile equipment and construction equipment (primarily agricultural)



Installation Floater

Commercial Property

Equipment Breakdown


Jewelers block

Written for jewelers to specifically cover certain items


Property covered includes:

Property held for sale

Property in transit by common carrier

Property on exhibit

Property in the custody of outside salesmen

Customer’s jewelry in the insured’s CCC



Covers loss to neon, fluorescent, automatic, or mechanical electric signs and lights.

Covers insured’s signs and similar property of others in the care, custody, or control of the insured


Valuable papers and records

Covers loss to specific valuable papers and records

Examples include maps, blueprints, films, illustrations, and drawings



Motor Truck Cargo

For truckers hauling OTHER people’s goods

Transit Coverage

For a business hauling their OWN goods
























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