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This text was made possible by the Lansing Community College Open Educational Resource (OER) award program. In Developmental Reading and Writing, faculty have traditionally relied on publisher-developed materials, largely due to the fact that finding materials that matched the skill levels of our students was difficult, and developing materials was time-consuming and required levels of publishing expertise beyond the abilities of many instructors. The LCC OER award program has solved the problem by recognizing the time commitment required to produce quality materials while the open platform available through OER has provided the access to publishing previously only available through the traditional textbook publishers.

This text is a remix of resources selected from several OER College Composition texts, adapted for a developmental reading/writing audience. The text also includes original materials created by LCC faculty for developmental and GED Preparation students. Our goal was to create a text that met students at the skill levels with which they come to us and help them develop into proficient writers through completing the Accelerated Learning model of concurrent enrollment in Developmental Writing support and First Semester Composition that has been in place at our college for the last year and a half. We hope that this text will help beginning college writers to develop both their writing skills and a love of writing. Please remix and revise as best meet your and your students’ needs.


Susan Hank, Adjunct Associate Professor, Integrated English Area

Cheryl McCormick, Adjunct Associate Professor, Integrated English Area

Ninna Roth, Adjunct Associate Professor, Integrated English Area


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Writing for College Introduction to College Writing with Grammar Skills Review by Cheryl McCormick, Sue Hank, and Ninna Roth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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