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Table of Contents

Part 1 Writing and Writing Process

Review Assignment Requirements

Plan Your Writing

Moving from the Abstract to the Concrete: The Basis for Our Writing

The Writing Process


Developing Ideas: Searching the Internet

Developing Ideas: Analyze Evidence in Support of a Claim

Abstract Ideas in Main Idea Sentences/Good Topic Sentences

Thesis Statements


Writing the Paragraph

Comparison of the Expository Paragraph and the Expository Essay

Methods of Organizing Your Writing

Audience, Purpose, and Tone

Part 2 Grammar Skills Review

The Way We Communicate

How Our Words Work Together

Types of Sentences

Groups of Words that Describe

More About Verbs

More About Pronouns

Extra Help Section

Commas and Quotation Marks

Correcting Run-on Sentences and Comma Splices

Commonly Confused Words


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