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“Bigger”: A Song of Strength and Perseverance

By Jasmin Molett

Molett wrote this essay in response to a request to write an analytical review in Professor Sally Pierce’s English 121.

“If you feel insignificant, you better think again.

Better wake up because you’re part of something way bigger”

These are the first lines of Beyoncé’s “Bigger.“This song is a part of “The Lion King: The Gift” soundtrack. To me, these first lyrics set the tone for the entire song. Based on these lines alone this song is going to be inspirational. She is telling us automatically that we are important and should think of ourselves as such. Just as her character Nala, “Beyoncé encourages her audience to see themselves as a crucial piece of a larger whole.” (“Beyonce (Ft RAYE) – BIGGER.”). We often feel small, not making any difference in the world but, she tells us that we are a part of something bigger than we feel.

Raye, the co-writer gave background on the making of this song, stating “I remember we were both in a really dark, sad place and we wanted to create something to empower ourselves.” (“Beyonce (Beyonce Song”). They used this song to uplift themselves and others. We all go through low points and this song will help with those. “Look up‚ don’t look down, then watch the answers unfold.” When you are in a dark place keep your head up and watch how you start to become better. This song is filled with uplifting words to help listeners through their problems.

“Step out your estimate, step in your essence and know that you’re excellent.” From this line, I feel that she was telling us to never belittle ourselves. Stop feeling bad for yourself and step out of your estimate. You are excellent and you should always think that of yourself. Once you realize this you will see so many changes start to happen. Stop feeling that you can only go so far. By doing this you are limiting your excellence, once you realize that your mindset is what is holding you back you can let these thoughts go and start to progress.

“Life is your birthright; they hid that in the fine print. Take the pen and rewrite it.” In these lines, I feel there are many different interpretations. Each time you hear this song you could feel a different way about this line. One interpretation could be about African American people not being able to live how we feel we should. We come from a long line of kings and queens and yet we are treated less than the average person. We are entitled to the same right as others. Life. Another interpretation could be that we are all programmed to act, think, and move a certain way. Everyone always has an opinion on how you live your life if it is not how they live theirs. What she could be saying is that it is your life, and you should be able to do whatever makes you happy. Take back control over your life and do not let others dictate how you live. I believe that she is referring to a mix of both meanings, do not let others dictate how you live your life but also make sure you are treated as you feel deserve.

To me, this entire song is empowering and inspirational. Everyone goes through hard times in their life and this song helps us realize that we are better than what we believe. The song gives a better impact because she was also going through a low point in her life writing this. Stop belittling yourself and step out of your estimate. She tells us to pick ourselves up and step into our excellence. We need love to better ourselves as well, not only from ourselves but from others as well. When we pour love into each other we improve. She states this with her line “Let love be the water I pour into you and you pour into me there ain’t no drought here bloom into our actual powers.” This line captures how important love is. She says that pouring love into each other leaves you surrounded by it. There will be no love lost or room for hate.

The “Bigger” video was a great addition to the song. The setting was next to what seemed to be an ocean. The video featured various beautiful Nubian queens and their children. A traditional African dance and face painting was incorporated into the video as well. In different clips, you see all three children which is amazing because the song is dedicated to her children. You see many women carrying their children and fruit baskets on their heads as they would do in the African culture. I love that she incorporated all of the things into her video, it really captures the meaning behind the song. She is making sure that her kids know that they are a part of something way bigger and to never forget that. As long as we remember that we will be much better.

Beyoncé has been an artist for about eight-plus years. Starting in Destiny’s Child. She has a wide range of music genres such as Pop, Contemporary Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Afrobeat’s R&B, and Hip-Hop. She has recently been more into Afrobeat’s with songs such as “Brown Skin Girl,” “Bigger,” “My Power,” and many more. The entire soundtrack for “The Lion King” is considered Afrobeat. Beyonce has been an inspiration to young African American girls and women for a very long time. Her recent album, however, has been tremendously inspirational.

In “The Lion King” movie, Beyoncé played the Character Nala. Nala was “the lifelong best friend of Simba…. [and] She would later become Simba’s queen and the mother of two cubs.” (Nala). Like many characters of “The Lion King,” Nala left us with a message. She showed us how to be a loyal friend. She also showed us why it is so important to stand up for what we believe in and never back down. No matter who she was up against she always stood her ground and I admire that. She taught us the importance of caring for others. I love that in every character there is a message that we can all learn from.

I would recommend “Bigger” to others. When Nala sings this song, she leaves us with something to think about. I feel that it can help in many ways, whether it be helping you with your problems or talking to others. This song is very uplifting and can be interpreted differently by whoever hears it. When you ever feel less than you should, listen to this song and I guarantee it will help you in some way.


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Professor Pierce appreciated that Jasmin made it clear why she appreciated this song and utilized analysis to help readers focus on different parts of the song. If she were to make suggestions to Mollet it would be to consider which statements are truly first person observations and which might be better framed in third person or as general statements about the music.


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