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Chapter 2: Considering Structure

Moving from Plotting to Writing the Synopsis

Melissa Ford Lucken

A plot structure and a synopsis are two different elements of a story, each serving a distinct purpose.

While a plot structure focuses on the organization and arrangement of events within the story, a synopsis provides a high-level summary of the story’s key elements. A plot structure is more detailed and specific, outlining the flow and development of the narrative, while a synopsis is a broader overview aimed at capturing the essence of the story in a concise manner.

The plot structure defines the internal framework and progression of events in a story, while the synopsis provides a brief summary of the story’s main elements and themes.

Plot Structure:

Plot structure refers to the organization and arrangement of the events, conflicts, and narrative progression within a story. It outlines the framework and sequence of events that unfold throughout the narrative. Plot structure provides a roadmap for how the story unfolds, highlighting key moments such as the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

Plot structure focuses on the overall architecture of the story, including the order of events, the development of conflicts, the pacing, and the resolution. It helps to create a coherent and engaging narrative by establishing a logical progression of events and maintaining a balance between tension and resolution.


A synopsis, on the other hand, is a brief summary or overview of the story. It condenses the main plot points, characters, and themes into a concise description. A synopsis aims to provide an overview of the story’s key elements without delving into extensive details or subplots.

A synopsis typically includes the main characters, their goals or motivations, the central conflict or problem they face, and the resolution or outcome. It gives potential readers, agents, or publishers a snapshot of the story, allowing them to understand the core premise and the narrative’s direction.



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