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Chapter 8: Global Stratification and Demography

Chapter 8 Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain global stratification and outline the ways in which the world’s countries are stratified and the strata are geographically concentrated.
  2. Define absolute poverty, map the world regions where absolute poverty is most prevalent and explain the consequences of global stratification and absolute poverty for countries and individuals.
  3. Outline the major theories on global stratification and understand the connections to the major theoretical perspectives.
  4. Define demography and outline the key demographic indicators used to predict changes in population.
  5. Provide an overview of global population growth from a historical perspective and analyze and assess the projections for future global population growth.
  6. Understand how and why key demographic indicators vary between countries and explain the implications of demographic trends.  
  7. Outline and assess the validity of theories on population growth.
  8. Draw and interpret population pyramids and understand the connection to the demographic transition model.


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